Want to get closer?

Want to keep your marriage happy? Apparently sleeping naked is the way to do it. A poll conducted in Britain found that people who sleep in the nude were happier than their counterparts who go to bed fully clothed.

1004 people took part. 57% of those went to bed naked claimed that they were happier in their relationships. This was compared to the 48% who slept in PJs, the 43% who wore nighties, and the 38% who wore onesies.

40% of the people in Britain say they sleep naked. And almost one in every two of them are interestingly over 55. Meaning the spark doesn’t necessarily lessen with age.

Has your level of undress affect your sense of contentment in your relationship? Do you find that when you’re angry with your partner you’ll cover up but when you’re happy you’re leave little to the imagination?

Source: – http://www.iol.co.za/lifestyle/love-sex/marriage/happy-couples-sleep-naked-1.1711740#.U7MIB_kbVR9