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Have you ever felt like the world is on your shoulders?

Have you ever felt like the world is on your shoulders? Like everyone around keeps on depending on you to do things they don’t even know if you like to do it or not? Yet, you yourself can’t reject the works because you somehow feel guilty if it won’t be done?… Well.. if you feel these things, I feel you.. and If not,  well, welcome to my life!!
                Let’s just say that I’m was student who teachers kind of trust a lot… by trust, meaning they somehow are fond assigning stuffs to me or asking me to do things. Not that it’s something to brag about, but really, it’s not. I mean, yes, you will feel honored because teachers trust you and they know you’re responsible and all, but, does it make you 100% happy? Coz for me, it didn’t.
                For example, there was once that we were doing a CLASS project a week before the school year ends and thus project will be our ticket for signing out clearance on two subjects. Of course we need to finish it. Yet, somehow, I was the only one doing all the work. I mean, yes, there are others who kind of “helped” me but only around 6 of us were doing the job. What happened to the CLASS project? While doing it, I kept on whining and whining and felt like stopping on working but then it hits me, what if my other classmates won’t continue doing the job? What if we won’t be able to finish it? What will happen to our signatures? What if they’ll blame me for quitting? These questions kept haunting me so I had no choice but to keep on working even if it means sacrificing my supposed-to-be free time already.
                It’s just one of the situations that you might face when doing a project and there are tons of situations out there that are also relating to mine. After experiencing this often times, this is what I learned:
 You have to know how to deal with the circumstances. People trusted you to do the job so you should not fail them. It is overwhelming if someone trusts you so don’t break it. But if it’s a group work and you think, well, if you KNOW that you’re the only one who is working, still DO IT. But you have to only DO YOUR PART. Let others do theirs too. Don’t be all “martyr-like” where you’ll just do everything for the sake of others.. NO.. if you think doing this will make you selfless, you’re wrong… it’s actually the other way around… you’re being selfish. You’re not letting the others learn how to stand on their own two feet. You’re teaching them to keep on depending others… you’re making them turn into spoiled brats.
                If they will get mad at you for not doing all the work, don’t feel bad because you did the right thing. Explain to them why they need to work too and make them realize that it’s for their own good. Always remember that you just have to do YOUR PART. Don’t cross the line. But if you really think it’s your responsibility to finish all the work, then do so. Ask yourself, “Is it worth it doing the work all by myself?” Remember, think about yourself too and never let the others take the credit.  
                It feels good when you were given the privilege to do something. Trust me, it makes you feel special and important. Yet, there are consequences along the way when you accepted this privilege. The question is, are you ready to face it?

Favorite Subject plus Teacher is equals to…

Isn’t it really exciting to reach the period of the day where you favorite subject will be discussed? You just feel all bouncy and determined and happy because you’ll finally be listening to a lecture/teacher that you know you really love and interests you the most. It’s like you saved all your energy of the day for just this particular subject because you want to be attentive and active during possible group and individual activities. You want to sit on the very front row because you want to learn more about your favorite subject. You just feel that everything in this subject will be mazing, fun and perfect!!
But, as your favorite subject’s subject teacher walks inside your classroom and reaches the middle front, do you still have the same thoughts running in your mind or did your happy thoughts suddenly starts to fade away?
You start to form this equation —   Favorite Subject + Teacher = ???


My Friendship Story


My friendship story.

I am here to tell you my story.

I met my friend *MDU in class grade 10.
When I first saw him I thought he was very arrogant. I am speaking frankly. At that time I had a friend named Cosmas but he was not my best friend. We were just friends. Then slowly one day I started talking with Mdu. I understood that he was not bad at all. he was good and very sweet. My first impression was wrong. We slowly became friends.

By the end of my class grade 10, comsas and I had a fight with mdu. When that happened, he was really crying. We knew that it was all acting. he was not at all serious with our friendship. he wanted us to be his friends just for her own needs.

Then in class grade 11, on the first day, he was not talking to us. At that time, mdu i and became best friends. After a while, some days cosmas said many things about mdu and I believed him. I started talking with him more than mdu.

Over time, I was the one behaving very arrogantly with him just because Cosmas said those things to me.

One in in class grade 11 we were in the computer lab and we were four best friends, me, #cosmas, mdu and samuel. It wasn’t long that all three of the other friends started behaving strangly with me. Sure, they were talking with me but Im was always alone ost of the time and the three of them were they three together. I thought that they didn’t think of me as their friend anymore.

I thought Cosmas as my bestest friend but one day we had a group of friends in the class and we were going to play snooker. One boy of our group called me and mdu because we were sitting very apart from them. Cosmas said that he had a pain in his leg so he would not be able to adjust and there was only one seat empty there so I told samuel to go. Cosmas said to the people of the group that if I come then he wont play. I didn’t hear that directly but one girl sitting beside me heard that. I was upset while sitting in the last bench but none of my friendscame to be in my side No one of my group would to talk to me. It made me very sad.

Then in class grade 11 it was the friendship day. Since no one was my friend I bought friendship band for all my former friends and I was crying seeing my bands that I bought and bands of the last year that my friends gave me.

I don’t know what happened that day. I think that day God helped me. That day all my friends started talking with me again. They also gave me friendship bands. I had tears of joy in my eyes. I was very happy.

Gradually Cosmas became very bad and started telling everybody of the group negative things about other people. Her aim was to be the leader but she was not successful. We all stopped talking with him. Me and my friend mdu became best friends. I don’t know exactly how,, but yes we became best friends.

Now, we are in class grade 12 and cosmas is always sitting alone. When we all play, talk and laugh he gets jealous.

It is said that if someone is a true friend that it will go and come again and if they wont come back again we should take that as person was not our true friend. The same thing happened with me and samuel and now we always talk happily and share everything. he is my best friend.

You should also know that when I was writing this story I had tears in my eyes thinking about my past.
Your best author:




She helps with homework: It became a business

There’s a lady in my community who goes out of her way to help where she can and make a difference.

If people are struggling to get school uniform, other items of clothing, or even food – you can go to her for help. She’s opened a training program for Grade 12 learners who struggle to understand and do their homework. She even gives advice to them about how to go about doing their tertiary studies after they’ve passed Matric. Mrs Mashego offers free computer literacy classes.

I admire her a lot for all the hard work she puts into improving the lives of the people around her. We live in the “rurals” so we don’t have much access to computers and those sorts of resources. But thanks to her we now have some insight as to how to operate them and use them to our benefit as we do research for school and search for jobs.

I’m in Grade 12 now and I really want to be like her when I grow up. I want to have a positive impact on my community too. I plan to study Social Work after I Matriculate.

She was the first person in our village to go to university and I plan to be the next. It’s really amazing that when people rise – they take others along on the journey with them.

It’s thanks to her that I’ve realized the importance of education and how it really can open doors. Things would be so much better in my community and in the country at large, if more people were like her.
Is there a Mrs Mashego in your community who inspires you to dream and want a better life for yourself? (AARON TRIDDER MOTHOTOANA)Blog spot . reader Adelaide is motivated by this role model. Are role models plenty in your area or are they few and far between?



Are dreams meant to be real? Or are they just fake? And why do we dream? Do we dream of better situations we hoped they had occurred in our past life? Do we dream about anything too spectacular? Do we even just dream?

Dreams are mixtures, composed by different chemicals. No one can modify that mixture and if someone actually does that, well, then dreams won’t be the same for a while.

I could tell you tales about passionate couples or bewitched witches who lived alone for 300 hundred years. As this is supposed to be not a regular story, but a made up story about dreams and how to catch them.

There aren’t any precise tools or instruments. There aren’t people specialized in catching dreams.In fact,everyone can catch a dream while they sleep,as that every time you go to bed,you dream.

There are this extremely awkward instruments called dream-catchers. You stick them to the wall and they “catch” dreams. Just something made up. Because even that you think you didn’t dream of anything last night,you always dream. Sometimes you just don’t remember what your dream was like.

I used to have dreams about witches and princesses. Now I dream of things of my own age: problems I’m dealing with, trips, friendship or even my school crush… When we’re younger, dreams are even dreamier than on my age.

If after this story you feel bored, go to your bedroom and sleep a bit. Who knows what kind of dream you might have? (Lool)



Community – I love my home: It’s the best!

I grew up in a small village called MOshate GA-mamabolo in Limpopo. It’s not the kind of place you would notice on a map – it’s so small I wouldn’t be surprised if some maps didn’t even mention it.

But my home has one thing going for it that can’t be argued; it’s beautiful there. Perhaps the most beautiful place in the world.

Growing up my parents were unemployed and poverty was a reality for a lot of people. Unemployment was more the rule than the exception. We depended on the ocean for fish to eat and sell, the mountains and forest offered up animals to be hunted, and we grew crops on the fertile land.

I didn’t have all the toys that I wanted, I didn’t go on overseas holidays with my family, but I had an amazing childhood.

It was when I turned 18 that I went to live in a big city. And as much as I’ve adapted the truth is, there’s still no place like home. I value my visits – the space to go home for the holidays, relax and detox from city life where the air is clean and the stars are brighter.

I wouldn’t have my roots anywhere else.

Do you feel as passionately about your hood as AARON TRIDDER MOTHOTOANA’s article? Tell us why you think so by sharing the highlights about where you come from.