Have you ever felt like the world is on your shoulders?

Have you ever felt like the world is on your shoulders? Like everyone around keeps on depending on you to do things they don’t even know if you like to do it or not? Yet, you yourself can’t reject the works because you somehow feel guilty if it won’t be done?… Well.. if you feel these things, I feel you.. and If not,  well, welcome to my life!!
                Let’s just say that I’m was student who teachers kind of trust a lot… by trust, meaning they somehow are fond assigning stuffs to me or asking me to do things. Not that it’s something to brag about, but really, it’s not. I mean, yes, you will feel honored because teachers trust you and they know you’re responsible and all, but, does it make you 100% happy? Coz for me, it didn’t.
                For example, there was once that we were doing a CLASS project a week before the school year ends and thus project will be our ticket for signing out clearance on two subjects. Of course we need to finish it. Yet, somehow, I was the only one doing all the work. I mean, yes, there are others who kind of “helped” me but only around 6 of us were doing the job. What happened to the CLASS project? While doing it, I kept on whining and whining and felt like stopping on working but then it hits me, what if my other classmates won’t continue doing the job? What if we won’t be able to finish it? What will happen to our signatures? What if they’ll blame me for quitting? These questions kept haunting me so I had no choice but to keep on working even if it means sacrificing my supposed-to-be free time already.
                It’s just one of the situations that you might face when doing a project and there are tons of situations out there that are also relating to mine. After experiencing this often times, this is what I learned:
 You have to know how to deal with the circumstances. People trusted you to do the job so you should not fail them. It is overwhelming if someone trusts you so don’t break it. But if it’s a group work and you think, well, if you KNOW that you’re the only one who is working, still DO IT. But you have to only DO YOUR PART. Let others do theirs too. Don’t be all “martyr-like” where you’ll just do everything for the sake of others.. NO.. if you think doing this will make you selfless, you’re wrong… it’s actually the other way around… you’re being selfish. You’re not letting the others learn how to stand on their own two feet. You’re teaching them to keep on depending others… you’re making them turn into spoiled brats.
                If they will get mad at you for not doing all the work, don’t feel bad because you did the right thing. Explain to them why they need to work too and make them realize that it’s for their own good. Always remember that you just have to do YOUR PART. Don’t cross the line. But if you really think it’s your responsibility to finish all the work, then do so. Ask yourself, “Is it worth it doing the work all by myself?” Remember, think about yourself too and never let the others take the credit.  
                It feels good when you were given the privilege to do something. Trust me, it makes you feel special and important. Yet, there are consequences along the way when you accepted this privilege. The question is, are you ready to face it?


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