She helps with homework: It became a business

There’s a lady in my community who goes out of her way to help where she can and make a difference.

If people are struggling to get school uniform, other items of clothing, or even food – you can go to her for help. She’s opened a training program for Grade 12 learners who struggle to understand and do their homework. She even gives advice to them about how to go about doing their tertiary studies after they’ve passed Matric. Mrs Mashego offers free computer literacy classes.

I admire her a lot for all the hard work she puts into improving the lives of the people around her. We live in the “rurals” so we don’t have much access to computers and those sorts of resources. But thanks to her we now have some insight as to how to operate them and use them to our benefit as we do research for school and search for jobs.

I’m in Grade 12 now and I really want to be like her when I grow up. I want to have a positive impact on my community too. I plan to study Social Work after I Matriculate.

She was the first person in our village to go to university and I plan to be the next. It’s really amazing that when people rise – they take others along on the journey with them.

It’s thanks to her that I’ve realized the importance of education and how it really can open doors. Things would be so much better in my community and in the country at large, if more people were like her.
Is there a Mrs Mashego in your community who inspires you to dream and want a better life for yourself? (AARON TRIDDER MOTHOTOANA)Blog spot . reader Adelaide is motivated by this role model. Are role models plenty in your area or are they few and far between?



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